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Increase your efficiency and achieve your sustainability goals with performance-matched e-commerce packaging and automation solutions from WestRock. As the go-to e-commerce packaging partner we’re well known for our expertise in packaging, but it’s our experience in helping the biggest names in e-commerce that has led us to develop the next generation of industry-leading packaging automation. We’re committed to solving unique e-commerce pain points with innovative packaging and efficient automation. We are excited to exhibit three of our right-sizing solutions at MODEX. BoxSizer™ – the only machine on the market that can right-size multiple pre-loaded box footprints arriving at random to the infeed without the need for changeovers. Pak On Demand™ Pouch System – a new technology that creates a custom, curbside recyclable, right-sized pouch. Box On Demand® Compack Midi – a highly configurable, compact box-making machine that makes the most of your space.

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