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Rugged JLT forklift computers conquer connectivity issues and boost uptime for Løgstrup-Steel

Connectivity is the backbone of modern warehouse operations. It enables staff to connect to business-critical systems in real-time, and move or pick items based on a prescribed list of actions or processes. Bad connectivity interrupts this seamless flow of goods in and deliverables out, causing frustration, a loss in productivity and ultimately, hits the bottom line. Løgstrup-Steel, a manufacturer and supplier of switchgear and control gear systems, was facing network issues and consequent delays in critical tasks, such as re-stocking of materials, order tracking and picking in their warehouse. Tasked to find a better solution, JLT rugged devices came out as the best fit for their needs. Watch the video to see how the JLT1214™ with its excellent network capabilities and smooth operator interactions has increased Løgstrup-Steel’s pick-rate, boosted uptime and made the multiple network failures they experienced a thing of the past. JLT will be exhibiting its full range of rugged devices at ProMat. Visit Booth #S3275 for a product demo and expert advice on how to maximize your operations’ efficiency with reliable 24/7 access to WAN, LAN, and Bluetooth connectivity. To book a ProMat meeting, go to or visit for further information.