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NEW ULTRA-LITE Composite is 40% lighter!

MFG Tray’s ULTRA-LITE composite material was developed in response to customer inquiries and demand for a sustainable, lighter weight container that can withstand the rigors of continuous industrial use. MFG Tray’s ULTRA-LITE composite is 40% lighter than standard composite material, does not comprise on durability and can perform in the harshest of manufacturing environments. MFG Tray is now offering a new fiberglass lightweight line of totes and containers with the trusted strength and durability that the MFG Tray brand promises. The ULTRA-LITE totes & containers were developed by MFG Tray engineers to meet the customer demands for a sustainably lighter container that can withstand continuous industrial use. The challenge: lighter containers on the shop floor, ergonomic to enhance worker’s safety, reduce weight per container and to potentially lower shipping costs. MFG Tray ULTRA-LITE totes & containers are 40% lighter than standard fiberglass while retaining our trusted strength and durability. They are ideal for machine integration and robotic applications and can be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C). They are stackable and won’t crush under heavy loading. MFG Tray ULTRA-LITE totes & containers are smooth inside and out with no sharp corners which makes for safe handling. They are resistant to most cutting oils, detergents, mild acids, and alkaline solutions, which means they won’t rust, corrode or rot under any conditions. MFG Tray products bring an array of performance differentials to material handling applications, including high strength-to-weight ratios, corrosion resistance, temperature stability, and dimensional stability with high load-bearing capacities. MFG Tray products combine outstanding performance features with long service life to ensure exceptional value.