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Label Any Item, Anywhere on the Belt

By Caljan

No need to align packages
Caljan SLAM Line Flying Applicator monitors all packages as they move along the conveyor. The orientation and position of each package – placed randomly on the belt – is registered. As the package approaches the labeler, the Flying Applicator moves into position above. It tracks the package momentarily, turning the applicator head to align with the package. Picking out the exact spot that matches the requirement, over an existing label or in a clear space, Flying Applicator descends to precise X, Y, Z coordinates and swiftly applies the label. The label can even be oriented, so that it faces the picker, making the pick process more efficient.
Over an old label or in a clear spot
During the goods in process, if a package is labeled already, applying the ID or SKU label over the existing label will prevent faulty readings. Conversely, when the package is dispatched to a consumer, it may be easier to handle returned goods, if the ID label remains visible. So the shipping label would need to be placed in a vacant spot. Caljan Print & Apply Systems find the right position for each individual package. 
Bags as well as boxes
Boxes, packages and even bags, with their slippery surface, are easy to label. The Flying Applicator actually touches down on the surface, so that the label sticks firmly — even to soft, uneven surfaces.
All Caljan Labeling Systems print shipping labels, based on the carrier that best matches the distance and delivery requirement of the specific package.  
Bob Formolo 
Director of Sales
Caljan Inc.