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  • Day 5 - Honeywell Intelligrated

    Day 5 - Honeywell Intelligrated

    Tracy Niehaus from Honeywell Intelligrated lets us know about their new Momentum Warehouse Management System. Seamlessly integrating with the Momentum Warehouse Execution Software, this new WMS enables a single software approach that eliminates issues and provides a simple user-friendly experience.

  • Day 5 - Dematic

    Day 5 - Dematic

    Digital transformation has been a staple of the past year and Dematic is bringing it to supply chains. Brian Vezza talks about the demand for this digital transformation, where it originated from, and how Dematic helps create customized solutions for smart distribution centers.

  • ProMatDX Daily Recap Day 4

    ProMatDX Daily Recap Day 4

    Highlights from Day 4 at ProMatDX 2021

  • Day 4 - enVista

    Day 4 - enVista

    Direct-to-consumer has grown exponentially over the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic driving the need. While large retailers may have a head-start in the e-commerce space, all businesses have been pivoting to incorporate an online platform. Jim Barnes of enVista is here to talk to us about these strategies, who can benefit from a... [more]

  • Day 4 - Dematic

    Day 4 - Dematic

    Finding and keeping talented labor continues to be a struggle in the supply chain industry, especially when it comes to maintenance. With systems growing and becoming more technical, finding and retaining the necessary people to keep these systems running can be difficult. Nate Van Hekken from Dematic explains how their Life-Cycle Services can... [more]

  • ProMatDX Daily Recap Day 3

    ProMatDX Daily Recap Day 3

    Highlights from Day 3 at ProMatDX 2021