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  • ProMatDX Daily Recap Day 3

    ProMatDX Daily Recap Day 3

    Highlights from Day 3 at ProMatDX 2021

  • Day 3 - Ambi Robotics

    Day 3 - Ambi Robotics

    Jim Liefer of Ambi Robtics joins us to talk about how their solutions integrate seamlessly into a new workspace. With labor and training a concern for supply chains, many businesses are transitioning to use robotics to help maintain efficiency. Ambi Robtics uses a new simulation technology to train their robots, allowing them to get immediately to... [more]

  • Day 3 - Dematic

    Day 3 - Dematic

    Alex Dale of Dematic dives into mega-fulfillment – a trending topic in the material handling industry. Dematic’s micro-fulfillment solution deploys AS/RS technologies, along with existing software, directly into the customer’s existing operating model. By bringing products directly to the picker, this technology saves time by minimizing non-value... [more]

  • Day 2 - NORD Gear

    Day 2 - NORD Gear

    Dan Breitbarth of NORD Gear discusses the benefits of their Condition Monitoring System, which uses sensors to measure drive parameters and values before they are evaluated for further processing. This technology gives end-users the opportunity to take preventative maintenance measures at an early stage, before encountering a critical problem.... [more]

  • Day 2 - Dematic

    Day 2 - Dematic

    Gregg Vandenbosch from Dematic shares insight on flexible mixed case fulfillment, and how their solutions are helping supply chains become leaner by delivering mixed-SKU pallet orders at a reasonable cost. He discusses the most significant use cases for this technology, explaining which types of organizations and which retailers would benefit most... [more]

  • Day 1 - NORD Gear

    Day 1 - NORD Gear

    Effectively transporting materials from one location to another is crucial in any warehouse environment. Christopher Smith or NORD Gear Corporation explains how their new solution, Dual Drive, combines motor technology with their gear system to provide a user-friendly, efficient transportation system. With complete, seamless integration, Dual... [more]