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  • Localized Manufacturing and Distribution

    Localized Manufacturing and Distribution

    Ken Ruehdranz, the Manager of Distribution at Dematic, speaks with Jim Tompkins, founder and CEO of Tompkins International. On this episode of MHI cast, these two industry professionals discuss the benefits of localized manufacturing and distribution during and post COVID-19.

  • Customer Experience 3.0

    Customer Experience 3.0

    Positive customer experience is what keeps customers coming back and sets your company apart from others. As more businesses gravitate toward automation, they face the new challenge of maintaining great service while providing less face-to-face interaction.

  • Hoist Operation Guidelines

    Hoist Operation Guidelines

    Operating and maintaining hoists correctly is necessary to ensure optimum performance, protect the material being moved and prevent injury to workers.  MHI’s Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) has recently updated two documents to help hoist owners, users, and maintenance staff with the key aspects of proper hoist operation and maintenance.

  • Looking Back on 75 Years of Service

    Looking Back on 75 Years of Service

    MHI Turns 75 this year! Thank you to all of our members who have contributed to our legacy. We’re proud of where we’ve been and excited about where we’re headed.

  • Tools for Future Supply Chains

    Tools for Future Supply Chains

    In the third iteration of MHI’s Roadmap Report we are looking at the Transformation Age: Shaping Your Future.  Helping material handling, logistics and supply chain industry professionals achieve success by illuminating trends impacting the industry in the next 10 to 20 years.  In this installment, we explore the Tools operators can use to... [more]

  • EASE and Ergonomics

    EASE and Ergonomics

    In this episode of MHI Cast we speak to three members of the EASE Council — the industry group that promotes ergonomics in the workplace.   We get an overview of what ergonomics in material handling entails and take a look at the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on ergonomics in the industry.