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Growth in Material Handling Automation Evident at ABCO, CEO Confirms

By ABCO Systems

CARLSTADT,  N.J./April 11, 2023 — An industry report released last month that forecasts a 9 percent increase by 2029 in automated material handling systems accurately reflects trends recently seen at ABCO Systems, according to CEO Seth Weisberg. 
The report from Exactitude Consultancy projected the automated material handling equipment market will reach $51.7 billion by 2029. ABCO Systems is a leader in warehouse automation and design, and its systems help increase efficiency for material handling businesses across the nation. 
“In the past few years especially, we have seen steady increases in the number of businesses who are looking for automated solutions,’’ Weisberg said. “The pandemic helped usher in a wave towards more automation in material handling, and in subsequent years we’ve continued to see sustained growth.”
Automated solutions reduce downtime and labor costs and improve production, safety and quality control. Automation also allows employees to focus on more pressing tasks. There are also tax benefits associated with investing in warehouse automation. 
“Automating warehouse distribution is a great way to maximize efficiency and reduce costs,’’ Weisberg said. “With the increasing demand for faster delivery, automated processes are essential for streamlining operations and keeping up with customer expectations.”
The report said the automated material handling market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9.1 percent. The market reached $23.6 billion in 2022, according to the report, which also said a surge in the e-commerce industry has generated an increase in online shopping. “Notably, there has been a surge in online sales of pharmaceuticals, household goods and food,” according to the report. 
As more businesses embrace automation, they are also finding there a range of options that can improve their processes. While some systems are expensive, some less costly solutions can also can provide important benefits. 
“The range of solutions is quite wide, and ABCO can plan, design and install a system that can benefit any customer,’’ Weisberg said. “With the way industry is evolving, now is a great time to improve automation processes. It’s important to maintain pace with competitors, and the best way to do that – or even pull ahead – is through automation advancements.”
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