• viastore - Industry 4.0 - Intralogistics as a pioneer

    In intralogistics, systems are controlled automatically and on the basis of data. This leads to reduced system dynamics during times of low demand resulting in reduced wear and energy consumption. Moreover, the automated detection of frequently demanded product combinations reduces process times through route-optimized storage and the flexibility in production and distribution is increased through holistic material flow management. The fast, proactive troubleshooting and analysis using performance and master data facilitate maximum delivery reliability and can minimize impending system shutdowns, which leads to a further increase in supply quality and delivery reliability. Would you like to increase the added value of your company using intralogistics? viastore can show you how. viastore has developed a software which allows the controls of networked material flow systems to be commissioned digitally, and was awarded a position in the “100 Places for Industry 4.0” competition.

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