• Robotic Piece-Picking for Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

    RightPick is the first end-to-end robotic solution for picking individual items in e-commerce fulfillment, where the range of products is vast and items arrive in bins, cases, and other unstructured warehouse workflows. The core technology combines a smart robotic hand, vision software, and machine-learning backend on a standard robot arm to handle thousands of different items without brittle per-item scanning or tedious induction — for health and beauty, electronics, pharmaceutical, and grocery products. An entire RightPick order-picking workcell can be deployed on a single pallet, enabling easy integration into workflows such as goods-to-picker systems. This enables warehouses to quickly scale resources to meet changing business needs. Offered on a rent-a-robot pricing model (Robots-as-a-Service), RightPick is easy to test and deploy to reduce the operations challenge in areas where labor is not available.

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