• Robotic Pallet Rack Manufacturing Solutions

    We have developed a robotized application for each of the phases which include the manufacture of steel rack beams for industrial warehouses. The whole process is done automatically. from the beginnig where a profiler creates two parts which form the beam until the beams packages come toward the end customer. For these purposes we develop different cells to: - Weld the semi-beam to the connectors. - Hang the beam to the paint line conveyor. - Unhang the beam from the paint conveyor line. - Create groups of beams and wrap them. - Palletize the wrapped groups. All these processes are managed by a powerful special software designed by Inser Robotica S.A. for maximum ease of reference changes. Only need to select the type of rack beam and its measures, to make the system fits these new dimensions. Click on the link below for more info: 

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