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Remote Under Belt Unloading System (RUBUS)

RUBUS is a unique solution that unloads parcels fully automatically and at high speeds. It can be configured for bulk or stream flow, and it allows a throughput of up to 25,000 items per hour. This rate is controllable and can be throttled dynamically at a central control station to match available system capacity. To enable compatibility with RUBUS, an inexpensive stationary belt kit is installed on the floor of a trailer or container. While RUBUS draws itself along the belt to the end of the trailer or container, it unloads parcels and packages. When RUBUS is not being used for unloading, such as in the case of pallet loads, the belting can simply be stowed out of the way. With RUBUS doing the work, safety is radically improved. That’s because operators are no longer in the unloading environment, but stationed at a control panel outside the container.