• Picavi Glass...Pick by Vision

    Picavi Vision Picking guides through the order step by step and visualizes only the order details relevant for the current step in the smart glasses’ display. At the same time every process step is checked in real time. An integrated barcode scanner identifies the correct storage location and item: Only after a positive check by the system the quantity of the items to be picked are displayed.

    Picavi GmbH is the first company in the world to have developed pick-by-vision – an order picking system using smart glasses – and to have turned it from an idea to a market-ready solution for intralogistics.

    Picavi is already being used by countless businesses from a variety of sectors. Thanks to its practicality, the pick-by-vision solution was also awarded the IT Innovation Prize in the industry & logistics category by the Initiative Mittelstand association in 2016. In the same year, the IT and logistics specialist was one of three companies to be awarded the “Hidden Champion” prize in the “Vision” category by German news broadcaster n-tv.

    For more information visit: http://picavi.com/en

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