• Locus Robotics - Transforming your productivity without transforming your warehouse.

    Locus Robotics transforms your e-commerce fulfillment operations without transforming your warehouse. We help you stay ahead of the ever-increasing product SKUs, order volumes, highly personalized consumer packing, and faster shipping requirements. Our innovative, proven robotics technology integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and fulfillment processes so you can be up and running in weeks, not months. There's near-zero worker training time and our lightweight form factor allows them to safely operate closely alongside workers and in mezzanine configurations. Our innovative e-commerce fulfillment solution makes it easy to respond to volume growth and seasonal peaks while giving you control over your labor costs. We enable you to perform more tasks with less labor – in the same footprint – without reconfiguring or disrupting your warehouse. Visit us online at www.locusrobotics.com 

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