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Dematic and Dexterity Partner to Deploy Full-task Robotics Shaping the Supply Chain of Tomorrow

By Dematic

ATLANTA and REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – August 22, 2022 — Today, Dematic announced a strategic partnership with warehouse robotics provider, Dexterity, to offer full-task robotics as part of Dematic intelligent automation solutions. This marks the next step in a highly beneficial relationship in which Dematic will sell and deploy Dexterity robotics globally and facilitate Dexterity’s entry into the European market. 
Retailers and distributors around the globe are currently looking to automation to meet their most pressing business needs. By combining trusted expertise in advanced supply chain solutions with premier robotics technology, the Dematic/Dexterity partnership will provide fully integrated, autonomous and scalable solutions to the market — from specific subsystems to complete operations. Dematic will deploy robotic systems already contracted with Dexterity’s consumer goods manufacturing, retail, and parcel customers as well as sell and deploy Dexterity solutions within its own warehouse, distribution, and order fulfillment customers over the next several years. 
Dexterity’s SaaS-based robotic intelligence platform turns standard industrial robotic arms into full-task robots with a sense of touch, vision, and the ability to learn and multitask. Full-task robots solve some of the most difficult operational challenges, including creating mixed-SKU pallets, singulating and inducting items, and fulfilling orders.  To date, over 37 million goods have been picked by Dexterity robots in warehouses across the United States contributing to the refined algorithms and advanced machine learning (ML) that have enabled efficiencies in labor, material flow and system efficiency. 
Dexterity’s approach to its robotics platform aligns seamlessly with Dematic’s systems and software roadmap. This partnership accelerates Dematic’s ability to offer customers adaptable and autonomous solutions that increase the flexibility of fixed automation solutions and reduce dependency on labor.     
The partnership will help elevate customer confidence in robotics. Now, for supply chain challenges best solved with the operational advantages of robotics, Dematic and Dexterity will work together to deliver and support modular solutions — from initiation and planning to execution and live operations.  
“Our growing partnership with Dexterity is yet another example of Dematic taking the necessary steps to continue to be a software and technology leader,” said Hasan Dandashly, President, Dematic, KION Group Executive Board Member. “As a leader, we provide our customers with the intelligent solutions they require for success, and fully integrated robotic solutions fit hand-in-glove with that.” 
“Dexterity-powered robots have increased the market demand for flexible automation that can operate in existing workflows and infrastructure,” said Dexterity CEO Samir Menon. “Partnering with an industry leader like Dematic will accelerate Dexterity customers deploying robots and greatly expand the global reach of Dexterity robots.” 
“Dematic has been at the forefront of driving new technology adoption for more than 200 years. The supply chain of tomorrow calls for holistically integrated robots that see, touch, and reason, helping our customers scale their operations like never before,” said Dean Priebe, Dematic’s Senior Director of the Robotics Center of Excellence. “We’re excited to add Dexterity to our portfolio of partners to enhance customer supply chains with this transformative and differentiated new technology.” 
The first Dematic-deployed Dexterity robot system is scheduled to be deployed in Q4 2022. 
About Dematic 
Dematic designs, builds, and supports intelligent automated solutions empowering and sustaining the future of commerce for its customers in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. With research and development engineering centers, manufacturing facilities, and service centers located in more than 35 countries, the Dematic global network of over 11,000 employees has helped achieve approximately 8,000 worldwide customer installations for some of the world’s leading brands. Headquartered in Atlanta, Dematic is a member of KION Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial trucks and supply chain solutions. 
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About Dexterity 
Dexterity, Inc. creates full time equivalent robot solutions for logistics, warehouses, and supply chain customers. The company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform equips robots with the vision, sense of touch, and intelligence to multi-task, handle complicated goods, fit within existing workflows, and achieve beyond human throughput in repetitive tasks. Dexterity solves labor shortages by delegating material handling work — such as sortation, palletizing, and fulfillment — so employees can focus on higher-level, cognitive work. The company’s full-stack robotics systems are in production 24/7 with a support and performance guarantee. Dexterity’s robots excel in existing infrastructure with unpredictable environments. Learn more at
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